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Once the add/drop deadline has passed, you may wish to withdraw from a course, and may do so until the end of the course withdrawal period. Please use the course withdraw form. Both the instructor and your advisor signatures are required to withdraw.  Please do not use the add/drop form to withdraw from a course.

If you are currently at full-time status, 12 or more credits, withdrawing from a course does not affect your financial aid, housing or full-time status. You simply receive a grade of “W” for the course and do not earn the credits for the course. Withdrawing from a course may impact athletic eligibility.

Students who withdraw from a course later than the second Friday after mid-session of the fall or winter session, or later than the second Monday of the spring session, will receive an “F” for the course. Exceptions to this policy will only be allowed in unusual circumstances by petitioning the Academic Standings Committee.

Make sure to understand and complete the student petition of academic policy.