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The purpose of student petition of academic policy is to allow a student to seek a variance of a college rule, regulation, or policy due to an extenuating or mitigating circumstance. Follow the steps and form below.

Step 1

Complete the petition below.

  • Identify the College rule, regulation, or policy you are petitioning to change by checking the appropriate box. If checking “other,” briefly describe specifically which rule, regulation, or policy you are petitioning to change.
  • Identify the extenuating or mitigating circumstance for this petition. For health or medical reasons, attach copies of medical statements or reports from a health care professional. If other than a health or medical reason, be sure to include statements describing the circumstance. Include all necessary dates and details to be considered by the committee. Appropriate documentation must be attached. An incomplete petition will be returned to the student.
  • Clearly state why you are requesting this deviation from policy, how you have overcome or your plan of action of how you will overcome any mitigating circumstances, and provide—if applicable—any additional reasoning you feel is necessary. Medical documentation —if applicable—can be scanned and attached or delivered directly to the registrar.

Statements supporting your petition from others can be helpful. This may include statements from instructors, advisors, parents, and friends. These statements should be sent directly to the registrar at mbitzer@northland.edu.

Step 2

Complete the petition below in a timely manner.

Action on this petition may take two to four weeks, as Academic Standings Committee meets monthly. You should continue your regular schedule until you are notified of the committee’s decision.

Step 3

Petition will be presented to the Academic Standings Committee.

The Academic Standings Committee is comprised of two faculty members, the academic dean, retention coordinator,  academic success coordinator, dean of students,  and director of financial aid. The registrar will facilitate the processing of the petition and will present the petition and documentation to the committee. While all members of the committee may provide input, only the faculty members and the academic dean vote on the petition. It is important to provide the committee with as much written information as possible to enable them to render an appropriate decision.

Step 4

You will be notified of the decision.

You and your advisor will be notified by campus email within three days of the committee’s decision. It is important you check your campus email regularly to keep up with all important College announcements and communications.

Student Petition of Academic Policy