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To enroll in courses such as independent studies, teaching assistants, research assistants and some senior capstones, registration by the special course registration form is required.

To register for an internship or field experience, please refer to the internship and field experience fact sheet. The internship and field experience registration form should be used for registration for internships and field experiences.

A minimum of 45 hours per credit must be spent on the course and completed during the term of enrollment. Completed special course registration forms and internship and field experience registration forms should be brought to the Registrar’s Department for registration.

Summer registrations must pre-pay for the credits prior to registration.

Internship and Field Experience Fact Sheet

A field experience or internship course is a way to gain practical, hands-on work experience in a professional setting. This fact sheet provides information on how to search, apply, and earn credit for these courses.

Students may complete a for-credit internship or field experience at any class standing, but about ninety percent of all internships are completed during the junior or senior year. This is because some internships can be highly competitive and require advanced coursework and strong faculty recommendations. Northland does not have a minimum GPA requirement for internships or field experiences. Up to twelve credits of internships, field experiences, or assistantships may count towards graduation requirements.

Students must search and apply for the opportunity, be offered the internship, and complete the Internship and Field Experience Registration Form before the add/drop deadline of the semester. Some academic departments have specific requirements for what constitutes an internship. Talking with your advisor at least one semester before you plan to do one of these courses is recommended. Internships are typically advertised months ahead of time. Below is a rough guideline for when to begin looking for opportunities:

  • Fall Semester Internships – Posted March through August
  • Winter Semester Internships – Posted October through January
  • Spring and Summer Semester Internships – Posted December through May

Finding an Internship or Field Experience
Students may pursue opportunities locally or elsewhere and may earn credit for paid and unpaid internships. Northland works with state and federal governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, tribal governments, municipalities, on-campus, and others to develop opportunities. These resources will help you find available internships and field experiences:

  1. Northland College’s Job and Internship Board – Northland College creates opportunities that are exclusive for our students. Find them at my.northland.edu/jobs
  2. Faculty – Many of Northland’s faculty members are engaged in their own research or have professional connections with opportunities for students.
  3. Customized Experience – If you can’t find an opportunity that fits your professional goals, we may be able to create a customized internship for you. To explore all options, contact the student career advisor at internships@northland.edu or 715-682-1232.

The Difference between an Internship and Field Experience

Register for an internship if:

  • The experience meets all of the academic departmental requirements of an internship;
  • Will include training or mentoring in new skills and knowledge; and
  • Will primarily increase the student’s knowledge, while benefiting the cooperating organization.

Register for a field experience if:

  • The work is applying skills and knowledge already learned;
  • Will provide significant support for the cooperating organization with less focus on new learning;
  • The work is a learning experience but does not meet a department’s definition of an internship.

How to Register for an Internship or Field Experience
Once an internship or field experience has been offered, download the Internship and Field Experience Registration Form.

  1. Work with a faculty instructor in the department you would like to earn credit in to determine the course number and criteria for evaluation. The criteria for evaluation may include a journal, final reflection paper exploring your learning from the experience, evaluations and/or periodic check-ins with the faculty instructor. Obtain your faculty instructor’s signature.
  2. Obtain the supervisor’s signature. If they are not available to sign, they may email the Registrar’s Office at registrar@northland.edu that they approve the experience.
  3. Pay any required fees to the Business Office. During the school year, there is no cost as long as you are registered for 12-17 credits. During the summer, internship and field experience cost $150 per credit, plus a $25 summer registration fee. Summer registrations payment must be received prior to registration.
  4. The completed Internship and Field Experience Registration Form must be submitted by the add/drop deadline in a term to the Registrar’s Office. Registration is contingent upon final approval and an email will be sent with any questions or to confirm registration.

Calculating Credits
Credit is awarded based on the number of hours spent at the position. You are allowed to choose the number of credits you wish to earn as long as you fulfill the minimum number of hours required. Therefore, if you will be putting in 135 hours through your internship, you may choose to earn 3, 2, or 1 credit. The breakdown for credit is:

  • 1 credit = a minimum of 45 hours within the semester
  • 2 credits = a minimum of 90 hours within the semester
  • 3 credits = a minimum of 135 hours within the semester
  • 4 credits = a minimum of 180 hours within the semester

Note: These hour requirements do not apply if completing an internship for outdoor education majors. Please see an OED advisor for more detail.

You will earn either a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) grade based on completion of minimum number of hours, evaluations from your site supervisor, and other work you agreed to submit. This does not affect your GPA.

Other Questions
Contact the student career advisor at internships@northland.edu or 715-682-1232.