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Northland College recognizes that circumstances may require you to withdraw from college during a session. If you are requesting to withdraw, please contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain a Northland College withdrawal form. This form must be completely filled out or you will not be eligible for tuition adjustments and may be responsible for paying back any financial aid received from Northland College.

You will be considered withdrawn on the date that the properly completed withdrawal form is returned to the Registrar’s Office. The registrar’s signature and date authenticate the form. No withdrawal is considered official until these procedures are completed.

Students who follow proper withdrawal procedures may receive a tuition adjustment based on the tuition refunds schedule found in the Northland Refund Policy section and earn grades of “W” (withdrawn) in their courses.

Students who leave college before the end of a session without officially withdrawing, receive a grade of “F” for all courses during the session.