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Northland Pledge

Keeping campus safe.

Members of the Northland Community,

In January, we plan to resume—in a modified fashion—the academic, athletic, and social activities that define and sustain our College.

However, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know from our own experience, and from the experiences of communities around the world, that we will only be able to resume and continue these activities if each and every member of our community acts responsibly.

Therefore, as a condition of returning to campus in January, the College is requiring all members of our community to affirm their commitment by January 6 to the following pledge.

As a member of the Northland College community, I pledge to act in a manner consistent with the best interests of the community as a whole.

I agree to familiarize myself with the College’s COVID-19 specific policies and expectations as written in the COVID-19 Campus Plan—such as those related to face coverings, physical distancing, travel, and gatherings—and to follow these policies and meet these expectations with integrity.

I recognize that over time, and as circumstances change, the policies and expectations of the community may also change, and I commit to reviewing the College’s policies and expectations regularly and to adjusting my behavior and activities accordingly.

I also understand that if I fail to follow the COVID-19 specific policies and expectations of the College that I may be subject to disciplinary action or that I may forfeit the opportunity to continue as a member of the community.

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