• Outdoor education student

Students may request a course substitution to fulfill a major or minor requirement identified in the College catalog when one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Transfer Equivalency
    Upon further review of an initial transfer evaluation, a department chair may propose to change an equivalency or to accept a transfer course in lieu of the current requirement.
  • Course Cancelled and Replacement Non-Specified
    Substitutions may become necessary when a course is cancelled.
  • Time Conflict
    Sometimes time conflicts occur and courses cannot be arranged or taken in a subsequent session.
  • Teacher Education Program Requirements
    The education department chair may substitute all elementary education requirements, all secondary education licensure requirements (not including courses within teaching majors/minors), and any of the general education courses specified for teacher education majors to fulfill licensure requirements.
  • Other
    The course is approved by the program coordinator ensuring the substituted course fulfills major outcomes.

Substitutions will not be allowed for any other reason.

To request a course substitution, you must complete a substitution form. This form will then be electronically submitted to those whom you need approval.

Substitutions will not be allowed for any other reason. Under rare and unusual circumstances, an appropriate substitution may not be available. When this occurs, you may seek a requirement waiver by petitioning the Academic Standings Committee.