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You are assigned to the catalog that is active at the time of your first entry into Northland College. Students entering in the fall of a new catalog cycle are assigned to the new catalog. For example, if you are entering in September of 2015, you are assigned to the 2015-16 catalog, not the 2014-15 catalog. If you are entering in the winter, you are assigned to the same catalog as those entering in the previous fall.

Changing Catalogs

If you wish to declare a major or minor in a catalog newer than the one to which they are assigned, you must complete a catalog change form, obtain the signature of your advisor, and submit the form to the Registrar Department.

Once you are assigned to a new catalog, all rules and policies in the newer catalog go into effect for you. You are not allowed to move backward into a catalog older than the one to which you were originally assigned.

Also note, you are not allowed to declare one major in one catalog and another major in another catalog. For example, you cannot declare a biology major in the fall 2013-2014 catalog and a business major in the 2011-2012 catalog.

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