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Northland College offers a variety of academic resources to support your success. You can augment your academic work through the services listed below. Students who have used these resources have consistently and highly recommended them.

Schedule a Tutoring Session

Fall 2020 Tutor Hours

Nearly every course has a tutor that holds supplemental instruction hours weekly and can provide individualized help.

Seeking a tutor early in the semester is recommended so you can establish a regular meeting schedule, develop your skills, and receive the cumulative and beneficial effects that result from ongoing sessions.

How to make an appointment with a tutor:

  1. Login to your Handshake account, using your Northland email and password, and go to the events tab along the top of the screen. In events tab you will find all events hosted by Career Services and Student Success.
  2. All tutoring events have the same naming structure: subject – tutor name. Some introductory courses also have class specific tutors; their event names are the course title.

    eg: Math and Physics – Susie Smith
    eg: MTH106 – Jason Lester
    eg: Writing – Louise Manchester

    Select the tutoring event that fits your course needs and schedule and along the top right click the register button. The event page also provides the link needed to get into the tutor’s virtual session. You can register for the event until one hour before the event occurs. If you are unable to attend for a tutoring event you registered for, be sure to un-register for that event. Attendance will be taken at the event.

  3. Once registered, you’ll be directed to a survey asking a few questions about your future session.This survey helps your tutor prepare to help you with your questions. Please be sure to fill out this survey.
  4. When the time and date has arrived for the session, go to the events tab, in Handshake, and along the right-hand side you will see all events you have registered for. Click that event and follow the video link in Microsoft Teams. Log-in to your teams account using your Northland email and password.

If you have questions, need help registering for events, or would like one-on-one in person tutoring contact, Megan McPeak.

Academic Coaching

Megan McPeakAcademic Success Coordinator Megan McPeak can help you with any concerns you are facing in the classroom. You can arrange to meet with her to discuss any difficulties you are having that are causing you to be less successful than you want to be in your classes.

She can help with motivation, time management, study skills, communicating with your professors, setting up study groups, accessing tutors, reading comprehension, and writing papers. She can also provide you with other resources on campus and help you get the support you need.

Professors also may contact Megan to help students they have identified as needing assistance. Her goal is to give you the skills and tools you need to do well in your classes.

To make an appointment, contact Megan directly, or schedule online using Handshake. (If you don’t already have a Handshake account, you can sign up for free).

Research Assistance

The library provides assistance in searching for articles, books, and other scholarly information for your research papers and projects. Visit the library to learn more.