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Northland College offers a variety of academic resources to support your success. You can augment your academic work through the services listed below. Students who have used these resources have consistently and highly recommended them.

We encourage you to make the Academic Success Center your hang-out place. Located in the Campus Ponzio Center, this study lounge and community learning space provides easy access to resources that help  nourish academic, social, and emotional growth. The center is designed for creating a culture of learning that also supports your overall health and well-being. Tutors and one-on-one meetings with Northland’s Academic Success Coordinator are available.

Tutorial Services & Schedule

A wide variety of tutoring services are held in the library (with the exception of meteorology, held in the meteorology lab, and geosciences, held in the geology lab). Tutors are  available to meet with you individually or as a group during various hours over the course of the week. Writing and reading tutors are available each evening Sunday through Thursday. Other subjects vary. Check schedule for details.

Seeking a tutor early in the semester is recommended so you can establish a regular meeting schedule, develop your skills, and receive the cumulative and beneficial effects that result from ongoing sessions.

Research Assistance

The library provides assistance in searching for articles, books, and other scholarly information for your research papers and projects. Visit the library to learn more.

Academic Coaching

kirsten-g225Academic Success Coordinator Gina Kirsten can help you with any concerns you are facing in the classroom. You can arrange to meet with her to discuss any difficulties you are having that are causing you to be less successful than you want to be in your classes.

She can help with motivation, time management, study skills, communicating with your professors, setting up study groups, accessing tutors, reading comprehension, and writing papers. She can also provide you with other resources on campus and help you get the support you need.

Professors also may contacts Gina to help students they have identified as needing assistance. Her goal is to give you the skills and tools you need to do well in your classes.


Student Support Specialist Katherine Jenkins  offers individual and group services to students experiencing academic challenges. 

Many variables contribute to academic challenges including anxiety, time management, difficulty with peer work groups, decreased motivation, and overwhelming workloads. Katherine can address these challenges through individual services.

Academic peer groups meet weekly to discuss topics such as anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with classes, time management, balancing social life and academics. These groups are designed to provide structured supportive space to address challenges that impact your academic success, to assist you with new skills, and provide structure of peer support.