• Northland College Professor

Building relationships with faculty and staff are among the most important experiences in a student’s college education. In recognition of this, all full-time faculty and selected staff members serve as academic advisors.

New Students

Prior to your arrival on campus, the Office of Student Life works with academic advisors to register incoming students. This process begins after you have been accepted to the College and have paid the enrollment deposit. You meet with your academic advisor during Orientation.

First Year Students

During the first year, you are assigned to an academic advisor based on your anticipated major, your schedule of courses, or your interests. Northland College takes great care in choosing the student’s first academic advisor. After the first year, you may change advisors as your interests and needs evolve.

Upper-Class Students

Advising is an ongoing process of helping you clarify and evaluate academic plans and goals. Advisors assist you with course selection each semester, creating and updating your four-year academic plan. Advisors also share information about potential pre-professional experiences such as internships, special training, certifications, and research opportunities.