Following the College’s receipt of a complaint alleging violation of the Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy involving a student, the Title IX coordinator or the Title IX coordinator’s designee(s) will consider whether interim actions or supportive measures are reasonably necessary or appropriate to protect the parties and the broader campus community.  Interim actions and supportive measures may be provided regardless of whether or not there is a complaint or resolution process commenced, and whether or not the alleged incident occurred within campus jurisdiction.

The College will make accommodations and provide supportive measures for an individual who believes they have experienced sexual misconduct, or to others involved in the process including those adversely affected by allegations of sexual misconduct, if requested and reasonably available.  The College may take such steps even when an individual asks that the College keep a reported violation of this policy confidential and that it not investigate the matter and regardless of whether an individual chooses to report to law enforcement.

Examples of interim remedies and actions include:

  • Referral to counseling, medical or mental health services
  • Establishing a no contact directive prohibiting the parties involved from communication with each other during the resolution process
  • Education to the campus community
  • Providing campus escorts
  • Offering adjustments to academic deadlines or course schedules

Additionally, a student or employee may be temporarily suspended pending completion of an investigation, particularly when, in the judgment of the Title IX coordinator(s), the safety or well-being of any member of the campus community may be jeopardized by the on-campus presence of the respondent.

To request an interim action or supportive measure, individuals who believe they have experienced sexual misconduct should contact the Title IX coordinator. If a respondent, witness or person accused of misconduct feels that they need interim measures, please contact the Title IX coordinator.

The College will maintain as confidential any interim actions or supportive measures provided to an individual, to the extent possible (e.g. to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the College to provide the accommodations or protective measures).

Any concern about a violation of an interim action and/or supportive measure or need to change the level of protection should be reported to the Title IX coordinator.