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Northland College expects that all members of the College community—students, faculty, staff, and friends—be able to pursue their work and education in a safe environment, free from sexual coercion, violence, or intimidation. Learn more about sexual respect and consent below.

Sexual Respect

Northland College is committed to fostering a safe campus environment where sexual misconduct and violence are unacceptable, and where survivors who believe they were harmed by another person are provided support and avenues of redress as appropriate.

To achieve this we believe:

  • Learning how to build healthy relationship skills is critical.
  • It’s important to have organizational policies and practices that improve safety and the overall campus climate.
  • Training student bystanders to intervene or speak up against violence is part of the solution.
  • It’s healthy to address social norms and behavior with messages from community experts.

Know the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy and the Northland College Sexual & Gender-Based Misconduct Grievance Process.