The first few days of your first year can prove to be some of the most important of your college experience. This is why we strive to make these first days as exciting, informative, and unique as possible.

The Northland College first-year orientation program has three components:

This orientation program is required for all first-year students and for transfer students with fewer than 24 transfer credits.

For transfer students with 24 or more credits, our transfer-student orientation program offers two choices:

  • Participate in a one-day, on-campus orientation. Please complete the trip registration form and choose the one-day option.
  • Participate in an outdoor orientation experience.

Learn about Arrival Day

Your first day on campus is a busy one. We can’t wait to have you moved in and on campus. Get the first-year and transfer student arrival dates and a full schedule of events.

Learn more about arrival dates and the schedule.

Explore Outdoor Orientation

Northland’s outdoor orientation program is unique because of our dedication to student leadership, the variety of trip locations, and our commitment to sustainability. We offer a wide range of student experience, from novices to outdoor enthusiasts.

All OO experiences are student led. We have a fabulous group of competent leaders that undergo group facilitation, backcountry skills, and wilderness medicine training. Each year the trips are different, as student leaders are responsible for creating new experiences for each incoming class.

Session 1
Arrival Day: Aug 9
5-day Trips: Aug 11-15
11-day Trips: Aug 11-21

Session 2
Arrival Day: Aug 26
Superior Connections: Aug 27-Sep 1
5-day Trips: Aug 29-Sep 1

Session 3
Arrival Day: Aug 30
Mid-October fall trips
Dates to be determined

Choose your 2019 OO Experience

First-Year Experience Course

Making a smooth transition to college life is an important step in achieving success at college and at Northland. The First Year Experience course (FYE) will get you started on the right path by connecting you to the richness and diversity of student life.

FYE course runs the first eight weeks of the semester. It is designed to help you get the most out of your time at Northland. All students will be automatically enrolled in the FYE course when registering for your first semester of classes. Transfer students, transferring at least 24 credits, are not enrolled in the course unless requested.

The course is coordinated by the student affairs staff. Each course section has eight to ten students and an upper-class student leader. FYE students will have opportunities to get to know their fellow classmates and participate in a variety of planned events and activities both on campus and in the local region.

The goals of the FYE course are:

  • To develop a support network of peers and student leaders to enable a successful transition to Northland College.
  • To cultivate a connection to the Chequamegon Bay region through service.
  • To become involved in the Northland community.
  • To foster the development of character and reinforce the values associated with a reflective, ethical, and sustainable life.
  • To acquire the skills for living responsibly in community.

Contact our Outdoor Orientation Office

If you have any questions regarding Orientation activities, trips, or arrival dates, please email our Outdoor Orientation Coordinators or call 715-682-1846.