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The REFUND program, formerly called the Renewable Energy Fund, is a student-administered grant program that funds projects designed to enhance sustainability and/or increase energy efficiency on the Northland College campus.

REFUND projects will be evaluated on the following criteria from the program goals and effects, based on how the project is able to:

  1. Enhance one or more spheres of sustainability;
  2. Address one or more of the College’s mission elements: liberal arts studies, the environment, enabling others, addressing challenges of the future;
  3. Contribute to energy education, reduction, renewability, and efficiency;
  4. Involve students;
  5. Create a continued and broad impact on campus.

Please complete the following application to apply for this year’s REFUND.

ReFund Application

The Sustainability Work Group and the NCSA REFUND subcommittee will meet to review projects and an announcement will occur in December each year.

Complete the budget template before applying. The application below cannot be saved, so paste in answers when ready to apply.


November 16, 2018


The application period is closed.