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We encourage you to get involved on campus and in the community. Northland student clubs offer experiences that will build on your interests and hopefully stretch you in unexpected ways too.

Check out the Northland College Student Association.

The 4th Wall

The 4th Wall is a theater club dedicated to increasing the performing arts on campus. We produce two shows per year and collaborate with the Haunted Mansion event, The Alliance, and Chequamegon Theater Association, among others, to provide more creative outlets on and off campus. We welcome all thespians of all abilities and backgrounds. Like ‘Northland 4th Wall’ on facebook, or email louckl312@myemail.northland.edu for more info to be on our mailing list.

The Alliance

The Alliance works to bring understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two-spirit, queer/questioning, asexual/agender, intersex (LGBT2QAI) issues to the Northland community, while creating an open and inclusive space for all. The Alliance hosts many events throughout the school year, including: weekly discussion topics chosen by students, film screenings, drag shows, Rainbow Dinner, and LGBT2QAI Awareness Week. Wherever you fall on the rainbow spectrum, we welcome you to our meetings! Allies are welcome, too! All we ask is that you bring an open mind. Email us for more information and to get on our email list. Visit our Facebook page to learn more.

American Fisheries Society

The members of the Northland College American Fisheries Society Sub-unit work to provide students interested in pursuing a career in the fisheries field with opportunities to gain experience and learn more about the different aspects of the fisheries field. We also help local agencies by volunteering time for related projects and activities.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

Northland College’s AISES Chapter is dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields to younger generations through mentorship, community service, and volunteer education opportunities.

The focus of the AISES college program is “Access and Success.” The AISES college program supports undergraduate and graduate education and students in STEM studies through college chapters, regional and national conferences, leadership development, mentorship, scholarships, internships, and career resources.

Check out the AISES Facebook page.

Environmental Council

Environmental Council is lead by the NCSA director of sustainability. The council serves as a catalyst for change and development in environmental and social contexts on the Northland College campus. The council develops, implements, and oversees sustainability initiatives that work collaboratively with the broader goals of the Northland College liberal arts mission as well as advocates for sustainability at the local, national, and global levels. Environmental Council seeks to affirm the need for and create sustainable change through action, advocacy, and education. Please check us out on Facebook.

Fire Crew

We work hand in hand with faculty of Northland College, the Wisconsin DNR, and other agencies to control wildfires and to use fire as a restoration tool. This is a great way to get experience in forestry, restoration, and land management.

As a member of this club, you will work toward getting the federally-recognized “Red Card” giving you license to work professionally fighting wildland fires and performing prescribed burns.

An added bonus is that our crew is paid during the spring fire season!

Contact Professor Jon Martin for more information.

Forestry Club

Founded in 2014, Northland College Forestry Club is a club for students interested in anything forestry. The club tours local businesses engaged in the forestry industry, provides professional chainsaw training opportunities, educates about the many aspects of forestry, and talks trees.

Contact Professor Jon Martin for more information.

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club is a family that wants to create a new type of community engagement at Northland College. We create a space that provides love and acceptance within all cultures. We want to educate people and strengthen our presence at Northland College and in the community.

Check out the Facebook group.

Native American Student Association

The Native American Student Association (NASA) works to bring cultural awareness to campus and the surrounding communities. NASA hosts several events throughout the year, including the All Campus Convocation and Thanksgiving Feast, Indigenous Cultures Awareness Week, and Northland’s longest running event, the annual Spring Powwow, which began in 1974. Each year the Powwow draws people from across the country together in a vibrant celebration of Native American cultures. Visit our Facebook page to learn more. All are welcome to join!

Nordic Ski Club

Founded in 2009, the Northland Nordic Club aims to provide cross country skiing opportunities to the Northland College community.

There are two aspects to the club: recreational and competitive. Ski outings, lessons, and wax sessions are a large part of our regimen. Some members decide to do ski races throughout the north woods, including the American Birkebeiner. Competitive skiing is by no means mandatory, though! If you’re interested in applying for the annual American Birkebeiner Ski Race Award, you can find details here.

The club gets together weekly to travel to different areas for classic or nordic ski fans. From expert racers to beginners looking for a fun activity, this is a club you want to be a part of!

Contact Professor Tom Fitz or Kate Ullman for more information.

Northland College Student Association

The Northland College Student Association (NCSA) is our democratically-elected student government association. They are dedicated to supporting student leadership, advocating for student needs, participating in community service, promoting sustainability, and celebrating community. NCSA strives to connect Northland College students to the college, our community, and the greater Chequamegon area through various events and activities.

Founded in 1970, NCSA is the only student-run campus government in the state of Wisconsin that determines their own budget and manages their own finances. They are a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization run completely by students, for students.

NCSA coordinates concerts, lectures, dances, the Ashland Folk Festival, and many other community events throughout the year. NCSA supports and funds student clubs and organizations at Northland. If you have an idea that you want to implement, a club that you want to start, a concern that should be addressed, or are looking for a place to get involved, please contact NCSA.

They meet every Wednesday from 4-5 PM in the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. All are welcome! Check out the NCSA website, contact them in person at (715) 682-1289 or via email. You can also reach the NCSA president confidentially via email.

Sailing Club

The Northland College Sailing Club is an organization of students passionate about (yup, you guessed it!) sailing. But it goes deeper than that. Northland College Sailing Club’s mission is to strengthen the connection between Northland College students, Lake Superior, and the surrounding sailing community.

By working closely with local sailing organizations, teams, and groups, NCSC provides access to and facilitates a variety of sailing activities, events, and races that allow people of all experience levels and abilities to build skills that will support them throughout their lifetimes.

As well, we hope to spark a passion for both sailing and the outdoors that will add depth and meaning during their time at Northland College. So join us and let’s go get out on the water!

Student Publications

Student Publications is Northland College’s student voice. Through the student newspaper, literary journal, and yearbook, we aim to hold a mirror up to the Northland College student body and reflect its words, images, and ideas back to the campus community.

  • Drifts: student newspaper
  • Mosaic: literary journal
  • Wedge: Northland’s yearbook


Location: Mead Hall


The Northland chapter of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society (NWA/AMS) Weather Club serves as Northland’s on-campus weather organization, working to make the community better aware of local weather.

We run the Northland College Student Forecasting Team and provide studio broadcasted weather forecasts, courtesy of our Meteorology Lab’s green screen.

Members strive to educate the local community about weather hazards and safety by sponsoring the annual Skywarn™ class during our annual Weather Week.

Weather Club Volunteers also support the annual Book Across the Bay event by providing up to date weather information and an hourly forecast for the race, as well as keeping active in the community through Faith in Action.

Check out their Facebook club page and forecast page.

Wildlife Society

The Northland College Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society is the scientific and educational organization for those persons engaged in wildlife conservation. The chapter encourages the establishment and maintenance of the highest possible professional standards while developing wildlife conservation along sound biological lines.