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Parking permits are required for all overnight parking on campus between 1 am to 7 am. Please review the Parking Policy for information on specific parking lot locations and requirements.

How to Buy a student Parking Permit

  • Student parking permit are available for purchase. Login if you aren’t already, then click on the “Go to CASHNet” link which will take you to a page where you can purchase your parking permit.
  • New students will be provided an opportunity to buy a parking permit during Orientation.
  • Parking enforcement begins at midnight on the first day of class in September.

Obtain a Visitor Parking Permit

Visitor parking is allowed in the general lots with a Temporary Permit. Guest Permits may be obtained through Campus Safety in 237 Mead Hall. For more information, call 715-682-1399.

Submit a Parking Ticket Appeal

Please limit appeals to circumstances in which the parking ticket was issued in error, i.e. you did not commit a violation.

Being ticketed for a short stop in violation of parking policy or no other available parking is not an acceptable appeal.

Appeals must be received within two weeks of the date of issue of the ticket.

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View Parking Lot Locations

Northland College Parking Permit Map