Living on campus lets you connect in a deeper way with the Northland community and imparts a sense of place, stability, and stewardship. Our on-campus residential communities house approximately eighty percent of the Northland student body.

There are two professional staff members, area coordinators (AC), that oversee the student staff on campus; they live in McMillan and Fenenga Hall.  Each residence hall has trained student staff: one head resident assistant (HRA) and a team of resident assistants (RAs) who live in the halls and work to organize programming, serve as resources, and provide guidance to residents.

To be a successful part of the Northland community, it’s important that you’re familiar with the policies, both residential living and resident behavior.

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Residence Hall Pricing

Pricing for 2019-20 academic year.

  • Traditional Double: $4,340
  • Group Living Double Room: $5,475*
  • Single Room: $5,617**
  • Group Living Single Room: $5,766***

*Group living double spaces include the MELLC apartments and the townhouses.
**Single rooms are available only in Memorial Hall and Mead Hall. Spaces are limited.
***Group living single spaces include the MELLC apartments and Gaia’s Cradle.

See your Living Options

See more residence hall photos on our campus map.

The McLean Environmental Living and Learning Community (MELLC)McLean Environmental Living and Learning Center
The McLean Environmental Living and Learning Community (MELLC) has been lauded nation-wide for its environmental design. Featuring sustainable architecture, a 120’ wind turbine, photovoltaic arrays, and a greenhouse, this co-educational residence hall is a campus favorite. It also overlooks the Mino Aki garden. The MELLC boasts a wide variety of room styles, including conventional double rooms, suites with a shared bath, and apartments, and is home to approximately 110 students yearly, many of whom are returning students. The residence hall provides ample social space with four kitchens, four lounges, and five study/meeting rooms.  Approximate room dimensions: 11.5 feet by 16.5 feet.

Fenenga HallFenenga Hall
Fenenga Hall is our largest residence hall, housing approximately 130 residents. This co-educational facility is located on the north edge of campus, right next to the Center for Science and the Environment and about one block from the Ponzio Campus Center. Fenenga houses a good mix of first-year students and returning students. Due to its size and number of occupants, Fenenga is a very active and lively building with lots of activities and energy present at all times. Its ravine-facing rooms are popular options for students who want a “naturescape” view. Approximate room dimensions: 11 feet by 15 feet.

McMillan Hall

McMillan Hall
McMillan Hall is a co-educational residence hall that houses approximately 115 students. McMillan’s location, adjacent to the Kendrigan Center, Dexter Library, and Ponzio Campus Center appeals to many of its residents. Like Fenenga, McMillan maintains a high level of activity and energy in the building. McMillan Hall also contains the primary facilities for small game cleaning on campus to accommodate hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Approximate room dimensions: 11 feet by 15 feet.

Mead Hall

Mead Hall
Mead Hall is our smallest residence hall and houses approximately 30 residents. Mead is centrally located near the Ponzio Campus Center and overlooks the Academic Mall. It is home to a mix of both first-year students and returning students. Due to its small size, Mead is a unique and close-knit residence hall community. Approximate room dimensions: 11 feet by 11 feet.

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall
Built in 1926, Memorial Hall is our oldest residence hall. It is a co-educational facility that houses approximately 80 students. This three-story building is centrally located adjacent to both the Dexter Library and Wheeler Hall. Memorial Hall also overlooks the Mino Aki Production Garden. The building’s historic charm, fireplace lounge, and uniquely shaped rooms also contribute to its popularity. Approximate room dimensions: varies.

Northland TownhousesTownhouse Apartments
The Townhouses provide an on-campus housing option for returning and nontraditional students who are looking for more space and independence. These two-bedroom, two-bath, fully-furnished apartments enhance an independent lifestyle and are conveniently located on campus. There are seven two-story apartments that each house four residents.

Live with Intent in Theme Communities

Theme Communities are a long standing tradition at Northland. Each spring, groups of four or more students apply to live together under a central theme. Theme Communities are an enriching experience for those living together, and they also bring passion, knowledge, and resources to the campus community as a whole. Living in a Theme Community is available for returning students only; first-year students can be a part of them for their sophomore year and beyond.

Each community works with a faculty or staff advisor and hosts a variety of theme-driven outreach and education events throughout the year. Residents of these communities work with the the Residential Life staff on programming and community development.

Animal House: Apartment 4

Paws & Claws will be animal friendly and animal themed. It will be a place where people can come and de-stress over classes, work, or life in general! If some folks would like to watch Northland sports events from the comfort of a room accompanied by some fluffy companions, we’d be the perfect place to oblige! It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs and cats can bring into our lives.

Gaia’s Cradle

Gaia’s Cradle continues as a resource to the community by focusing on gender and women’s studies and providing resources regarding various types of contraception, safe sex, abortion, abusive relationships, etc. We can provide various types of resources on contraception and safe sex, abortion, abusive relationships, emotional support, and a safe space to discuss sexuality or gender issues. To provide outreach and education to the greater Northland and Ashland communities about sexuality, gender, and women’s rights. Learn more on our Facebook page.

Holiday House: Apartment 3

Focusing on festivities from the small and obscure holidays to major celebrations! This is a safe place where people have the opportunity to learn, socialize, and celebrate various holidays throughout the world. We will host events that focus on everything from well-known holidays, to unrecognized cultural holidays, and even holidays that Northland College students recommend to us through our Facebook page. Holiday House will continue to utilize responsible principles and practices while striving provide a safe, entertaining, and educational environment; we will continue to provide opportunities for social interaction and cultural celebration on the campus.