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At Northland College, we believe in the value of a vibrant campus community. What does that look like? It’s a place where we value the unique perspectives, multiple identities, and various ideas our students, staff, and faculty bring to everything we do here.

We work to provide opportunities for you to express yourself, and help you find ways to be comfortable bringing your authentic self forward in all areas of your life. We believe you’ll find a vibrant campus community here–one in which you are able to honor your uniqueness and make positive contributions.

Resources on Campus

Diversity Center

Gaias Cradle Northland College housingThe Student Diversity Center reflects Northland’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by providing a physical space that reflects some of our dearly held principles: community, social justice, and respect. Located in the former Gaia’s Cradle house (1208 2nd Ave W), the center offers a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for all. Here you’ll find a great atmosphere for programming, studying, meeting new people, or spending time with friends.

Campus Programming

Campus Life programming, Residential Life programming, and Indigenous Cultures Center offer a wide array of programming throughout the school year that aim to expose you to diverse perspectives and identities.

Most recently, Northland welcomed former NFL defensive tackle Esera Tuaolo, human and ecological restoration guru Jarid Manos, high order Druid Jeremiah Manzer, Oneida author and ethnobotanist Robin Wall Kimmerer, and author Brenda Childs. For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Twin Cities Gospel Choir performed in the Kendrigan Complex.

Keep your eyes open for posters and announcements about diversity and inclusion programming coming from these offices.

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Health Services Team

Our college chaplain, campus nurse, and campus counselor are people you can talk to about anything. They are professionals who are willing and able to meet with you on a variety of subjects dealing with mental, physical, and emotional health. They are also well connected to resources located off campus, should you need those services.

LGBT2QAI+ Roommate Matching

We want you to be comfortable in your living environment in our residence halls. We are providing an opportunity for you to tell us what that looks like for you. The process is simple and confidential.

To explore this option, please contact Residential Life, or indicate your preferences on our confidential housing survey.

Safe Zone Training

Safe Zone training is offered when requested and there is a group of at least eight committed participants. Using a manual specifically written for Nothland College, Safe Zone training exposes you to a range of identities, perspectives, biases, and privilege awareness to help you navigate the tough conversations that go along with diversity and inclusion challenges.

Safe Zone training includes a facilitation component, which gives you insight about how to lead diversity-specific training and facilitate complex conversations. These are highly-sought skills in the workplace.

To inquire about Safe Zone training, contact student life.