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  • Moving into residence hall

All outside entrances of residence halls are locked twenty-four hours a day. Each resident will be issued key(s) to access assigned residential rooms, as well as an ID card to open outside entrances of assigned residential facilities. Townhouse residents will be issued ID card access only. College-owned houses are issued keys to their exterior house door only.

Residents are strongly encouraged to lock their room door and/or house exterior door when they are not present. Also, when entering a building, residents should not let non residents into the building (unless it is plain to see who he/she is visiting) or strangers into the building as it compromises security.

Review the residential key policies that apply to all key holders.

How to Get a new ID Card

If you need a new ID card please see below.

Current students, email RES-LIFE@northland.edu for any broken, lost, or IDs having issues. You do not need to stop by the ID office.

  • If you are a new student, IDs will be created on your arrival day.

Ponzio Campus Center #215A

Each new ID printing is $15. All costs will be added to student bills; payment will not be accepted in person. Billing is done monthly; specific dates are located on the ID office door.