Who may use the library?

Students, faculty, staff, employees of Northland contracted service providers, as well as residents of the greater Chequamegon Bay area are welcome to use the resources of the Dexter Library. Area individuals 18 years or older are able to apply for a library card that, on approval, grants them borrowing privileges (outlined in the Dexter Library Circulation Policy). High school students wanting to check out books may apply for a library card only with the approval of their parents/caregiver who is willing to accept financial responsibility for library materials lost or damaged by their child. Northland students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use all services the library provides; community patrons are not able to use interlibrary loan services but are welcome to use subscription databases while in the library (though cannot access the databases from off campus). Other restrictions may apply in the use of library equipment and level of assistance provided.

Children in the library

Dexter Library staff recognize that from time-to-time patrons may need to bring their young children with them to the library. Children are welcomed in the library, and their parents or caregivers are encouraged to make use of the books in the juvenile collection to occupy the children while they are here. For their safety and comfort, children are expected to be under the supervision of their parent or caregiver at all times, and their behavior is expected to be appropriate to the study environment of an academic library. Children are not allowed to use the library’s public computing stations except high school students who are using Dexter resources not available at the high school.

Posting Notices

The library provides two bulletin boards on which to post public announcements, one available to all and the other a locked cabinet. Announcements and notices may be put up by members of the Northland community to alert community members to upcoming lectures, events, meetings, opportunities, public information, etc. deemed of interest to the general community. Because of limited space, the library cannot accommodate all notices students may want to post. The library does allow the public to post notices that are geared to the interest of the Northland community.

All announcements should include the following information: name of sponsor, phone number of sponsor, date and location of event, any cost associated with attending the event, and a statement that the event is open to the entire Northland community. No individual candidate information for positions other than NCSA positions are allowed. Only general notices announcing up-coming community elections and voting locations are accepted for city or county elections.

In order to maintain a clean and attractive foyer, no postings are allowed on the window, wall, or doors. Any notices so posted will be removed by a member of the library staff.

Exhibit space

Dexter Library works with the Northland Art Department to provide space for campus art shows. Except in coordination with other campus departments or the President’s Office, the library does not provide public exhibit space.

Cell Phone Use

In consideration others and the public nature of a library, the library staff requests that patrons excuse themselves to the library foyer to take and make their calls. While in the library, patrons should set their phone to vibrate so as not to disturb others.