All Northland students, staff, and faculty as well as courtesy patrons may borrow circulating materials from the Dexter Library.  A Northland ID card or library-issued patron card must be presented at the Circulation Desk each time materials are borrowed.  Because borrowers are financially responsible for all materials checked out against their card, it is imperative that the card be used each time a patron wants to check out any circulating item.  For that reason also, the library staff will not knowingly check out materials on an ID known to belong to someone else and discourages faculty members from asking students to check out materials for them.

Loan Periods


Students/staff:30 days
Faculty: 60 days
Community: 30 days


Students/staff:7 days
Faculty: 14 days
Community: 7 days*

*Community users have a check-out limit of 2 videos at any one time

Journals, Microforms, Newspapers, Special Collections

Everyone: non-circulating


Faculty: upon request
Community: non-circulating


See reserves policy


Everyone: 4 hours


If materials are needed beyond the original due date, they must be renewed if a hold has not been placed on the item.  Patrons may renew books and AV materials once only, with the exception that community users may not renew AV items.  Materials can be renewed by calling the Circulation Desk at 682-1279 or be done online by the patron through the online catalog.


In order to provide equitable access to high-demand materials, Northland students and faculty may request an item recall for an item that is checked out. This policy is in place to ensure that Dexter Library patrons have timely access to the materials they need.  Cooperation with a title recall is appreciated.  If the book is verified as checked out and has been checked out for at least two weeks, a library staff member will initiate an item recall.

Missing Items

If an item is not checked out and cannot be located on the shelf, please report it to a Desk Clerk or library staff member.  A missing item reported to the staff initiates a systematic search for the item by a member of the staff.  If the item is found, the requesting patron will be notified.  If the item is not found, its status in the catalog will be changed to “missing” and a decision to replace the missing item will be made by the Library Director.  Since it is impossible to do an inventory of the collection on a regular basis, the report of a missing item is an important method for helping library staff identify missing materials.

Overdue Notices

Library patrons are expected to return borrowed materials on time and in good condition.  Library materials become overdue if not returned by the due date.  An overdue notice is sent as a courtesy reminder to patrons; it is the patrons’ responsibility to return borrowed materials on time whether or not a notice has been received.  Northland students and employees receive their notices via campus mail—students are expected to check their mailboxes in a timely manner.  Community patrons will have their notices sent through the mail to the address provided in their application form.

Fine and Fees

Dexter Library does not charge fines for overdue materials; however, it does charge full replacement cost plus $10 for materials that are “lost”.  The library’s automated system generates two overdue notices a week apart; if the overdue item(s) has not been returned at that point, the system generates a Fine and Fee Notice for the “lost” items.  At that time, replacement cost as well as a Business Office processing charge ($5.00) will be sent to the patron.  For students, a week’s grace period follows for the materials to be returned.  If the “lost” materials are returned, no charges are due.   If they are not returned in that time period, the charges will be sent on to the Business Office and applied to the student’s account.  Community patrons will be charged immediately for the replacement of the items and their library privileges suspended until the materials are either paid for or returned.  Fees accrue during all hours the library is open, including break periods when students may be off campus.  It is the students’ responsibility to make sure that all library materials are returned to the library before they leave campus.

Damaged Items

Patrons will be charged replacement cost plus $10 for damaged materials that the Library Director deems to be too damaged to salvage and in need of being replaced.  Patrons may choose to replace the item themselves rather than have the library do so; in that case, the replacement must be an exact match or, if the item is older and no longer available in the original edition, as close a match as possible is required.  The Library Director reserves the right not to accept a replacement copy not deemed acceptable.

Suspension of Library Privileges

Community patrons who fail to return their Dexter Library materials in a timely fashion or replace lost or damaged items will have their library privileges revoked.  Students and faculty may have their ability to borrow materials from the library temporarily suspended by the Library Director to clear up a library or Interlibrary Loan issue.

Managing One’s Own Patron Record

Patrons can check their own patron records online through the library catalog to find out what is charged against their record, renew items that can be renewed, see if they have any fines or fees, and other basic functions.