Internship Opportunity

The Lipsett Lake Association, INC. is a nonprofit organization that is seeking to hire a watercraft inspector to monitor the public access to Lipsett Lake in Burnett County, Wisconsin, on weekends and holidays from early May through Labor Day in September. Lipsett Lake is located approximately eight miles northwest of Spooner, Wisconsin.


  • Assist boaters in decontaminating watercraft with bleach solution prior to entering and leaving Lipsett Lake. This is a Burnett County ordinance.
  • Inspect all boats, trailers, and equipment entering and leaving Lipsett Lake.
  • Have boaters remove all attached aquatic plants and animals and assist if necessary.
  • Have boaters drain all water from boats, vehicles, and equipment and have fishermen drain water from live wells before entering Lipsett Lake.
  • During each work session, complete a DNR Watercraft Inspection Form, which is a log of all boats entering/leaving the lake and includes information on what lakes the boats have been in recently.


  • $12.00/hour for approximately 400 total hours.


  • Availability on weekends and holidays between May 5 and September 3, 2018;
  • Good people skills;
  • Clean Boats, Clean Waters inspection training (we can arrange for this if needed).
  • Having a car is essential due to the need for shelter during inclement weather.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

See the above position description. In brief, we are looking for a Clean Boats, Clean Waters inspector for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and some Fridays beginning in early May and ending on Labor Day in September. The pay is $12 per hour and the total number of paid hours is about 390.

The normal work schedule would be t hours on Saturdays and 8 hours on Sundays. If the worker we hire is able to begin working weekends starting with the fishing opener on May 4, and work July 4th (Thursday, 10 hours), and all weekends including Labor Day (8 hours) on September 2, that would be a total of 350 hours. So, that person would be scheduled to work their choice of 5 Fridays or Mondays at 10 hours each to reach the 400 total number of hours.

If the student chosen for our position could not work some/all of the May weekends until classes end at Northland on May 24, we would find someone to cover the landing those weekends and the total number of paid hours would be decreased accordingly.

Organization Details

Lipsett Lake Association, Inc. P.O. Box 612 Spooner, Wisconsin 54801 Website

How to Apply

Applicants should send either an email to Robert Bake or letter to P.O.Box 612, Spooner, WI 54801 expressing their interest in the position and specifically addressing the qualifications listed in the position description, along with any other information they deem pertinent.

Note, we can arrange CBCW training if needed. Interviews will be arranged on an individual basis.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2019


Robert Baker, Lake Management Committee Chair robert.w.baker@uwrf.edu