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Northland College and the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center wish to employee one individual who will serve at the center as a front-desk greeter and assistant during the academic year. This position would provide valuable experience in interpretation, public speaking, and interpersonal communication. The position is for 4-8 hours/week, with some weekends and/or evenings included.

This position is located at Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center (NGLVC) main visitor desk. It is a combined position with approximately 75% of the position dedicated to visitor services and 25% dedicated to maintenance services. The position combines the multiple missions of the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center and includes elements of economic development through visitor services, providing experiential learning opportunity, and opportunity for public outreach through events. An essential element of the position is the ability to work with coworkers employed by multiple agencies to achieve common goals in a fast paced environment. The successful candidate will work directly with professionals employed by the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, Wisconsin Historical Society, University of Wisconsin-Extension and the Friends of the Center Alliance.

This position includes occasional interaction with high ranking government officials, national and regional decision makers, and people from every part of the world. The position has a direct influence on the success of all NGLVC partners and NGLVC programs. The person in this position creates a lasting impression on visitors to this region through direct personal professional contact. The person in this position may be the first person in this region that visitors meet. The person in this position also serves as an ambassador who represents Northland College to the public and to the partner agencies at the NGLVC. Work typically occurs on weekends and during evening hours

The successful candidate will gain experience in the following areas:

  • Customer service and clerical Sservices
  • Event planning and implementation
  • AV and other technology equipment
  • Public speaking, interpretation, and presentation skills

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Qualifications and Skills

  • Ability to communicate effectively and deal with high volume of personal contacts
  • Knowledge of NGLVC mission, goals, and operations
  • Interpretive skills, experience, or interest in gaining experience in this area a plus
  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of emergency first aid and CPR. Knowledgeable and able to alert emergency services. Knowledge of NGLVC emergency procedures.
  • Ability to work indoors or outdoors. Must be able to navigate uneven surfaces and stand for long periods of time. Some lifting may be required.
  • Transportation to NGLVC, which is about 5 miles from Northland College

Provide a safe and welcoming environment that encourages visitors to ask questions and receive detailed and accurate information, encouragement, and to provide excitement and instill the desire to experience this region.

The incumbent provides front line information and interpretive services for visitors in the daily operation of the site. Performs a variety of duties related to the effective interpretation of the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.

Presents talks and leads tours providing general information based on the interpretive themes of the NGLVC. Presentations cover a specific topic and utilize previously prepared research and documentation prepared by NPS staff or others.

Operates the visitor contact station at the NGLVC. Greets visitors, provides basic orientation to the site and local area, provides safety messages, responds to questions in person and by telephone, assists with trip planning, restocks supplies, works in cooperating association sales area.

Uses and maintains audio/visual equipment and other interpretive equipment and keeps equipment in operational order. Utilizes computers and completes accurate visitor statistics. Maintains bulletin boards and various interpretive exhibits.

Opens and closes the building. Conducts room set up to include troubleshooting AV equipment, putting away dishes, occasionally provides a public welcome to groups. Updates powerpoint programs and other office support projects as assigned.

As needed the incumbent will provide necessary cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center. Duties may include general operation of cleaning equipment, to clean exhibits, displays, windows, floor, sidewalks, etc. The incumbent will be expected, after training, to start physical plant equipment such as blowers, chillers, or elevators.

The successful candidate will be expected to be acquainted with NGLVC emergency procedures and will be comfortable contacting emergency personnel for assistance if such assistance is required.

Other duties will be assigned. Assignments are usually made on a day-to-day basis and include explanations of special projects, problems or controversial aspects. On initial assignments supervisor gives detailed explanations and instructions on work to be done, problems that may arise, how they should be handled and performance expected. Assignments are mostly recurring and standard. The position is supervised by the Center’s Director and senior Visitor Services Staff. The incumbent will also work independently without supervision.

Other Comments
There will be no internet access unless assigned a specific assignment. Non related work projects must be done during break time. Personal phone calls and personal visits are to be kept at a minimum and must not interfere with customer service. The successful candidate will present a professional appearance as a representative of the NGLVC partners and Northland College in a very public environment. A specific dress code is required for this position.

Organization Details

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