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Embrace Services, Inc. has an opening for a sexual violence program coordinator in Price County. The sexual violence program coordinator (Price) position is responsible for service implementation and delivery for Price County. This includes program development; providing personal advocacy and advocacy-based counseling for survivors and their families; maintaining a home-like environment for families in shelter; developing programming to support children; providing supportive services, advocacy, and follow-up care; community outreach and prevention education; prevention education to pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade children and families; collaboration with community agencies and other programs to promote victim safety and resource options.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Program Development/Enhancement

  • Collaboration with community resources and organizations (e.g., law enforcement, court systems, social services, schools, etc.) to ensure domestic and sexual violence service availability for survivors.
  • Active participation in community groups and committees designed to address family violence services and delivery for the county
  • Facilitate and maintain county-based sexual assault response team (SART), domestic abuse response team (DART) and the coordinated community response team (CCR) to ensure survivors receive sensitive, coordinated and appropriate care.
  • Network with other community resources and agencies to identify unmet needs for survivors in the county in order to develop and/or enhance services/options available for survivors.
  • Foster relationships and maintain outreach strategies with rural communities for further program development.
  • Develop and implement innovative services that address the special needs of survivors from diverse and/or underserved populations.
  •  Assist the office and volunteer coordinator in implementing a 24/7 volunteer response program that includes recruiting and supporting local volunteer responders to accompany survivors in-person.
  • Develop and implement services for children experiencing domestic and sexual violence.
  • Supervise and maintain a Safe Exchange/Visitation program for families at risk of continued violence related to custody and exchange.
  • Maintain an evaluation tool and process to access effectiveness of service and compliance with program objectives; identify unmet/emerging needs and develop recommendations.
  • Oversee the course for assisting survivors in dropping restraining orders and no contact orders.
  • Create, supervise and facilitate a survivor advisory panel as needed, along with other methods of soliciting feedback to incorporate into policies, procedures and program development.
  • Track and enter data to reflect grant goals and objectives.
  • Assist in narrative and data reporting to support grant objectives.
  • As requested by the executive cirector, assist with grant/funding applications and opportunities.

Office Management

  • General office management of the office and/or shelter.
  • Keep track of monthly cash/check log and process deposits
  • Assist with the receipt and recording of donations in a courteous and timely manner.
  • Forward all bills/invoices to the office coordinator in a timely manner for processing.
  • Train and mentor incoming staff on office procedures; maintain effective communion with staff on changes and/or office activities.
  • Maintain adequate stock of office supplies
  • Assist office and volunteer coordinator in recruiting, training, supervising, supporting and retaining local volunteers on service projects and work.
  • Train and mentor Interns as assigned by the volunteer coordinator; follow the internship program model.
  • Prepare brochures and advertising posters for services and events at Embrace.
  • Communicate with local newspapers/news organizations as needed for advertising and press releases.
  • Maintain security of the office by checking doors and windows on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure adequate program supplies are available; submit purchase order requests as needed.

Advocacy/Case Management

  • Maintain a twenty-four-hour hotline system that ensures survivors have immediate access to needed services, referrals, and safe shelter.
  • Provide advocacy-based counseling, on-going support, and crisis intervention activities in a non-judgmental, supportive, caring, compassionate and trauma-informed manner considering the needs of the survivor.
  • Provide Embrace programming and tools to survivors in both individual and group settings following evidence-based best practices.
  • Educate survivors about domestic and sexual violence and their safety.
  • Conduct intakes with survivors entering the program; assess the survivor’s trauma and needs with an understanding of the chronological maturation, physical, cognitive, emotional/psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural dimensions; implement inclusive and population specific interventions based on the survivor’s needs.
  • Provide a safe, confidential meeting space.
  • Function within an environment of crisis involving sensitive issues, often in conjunction with physical trauma, psychological trauma, and substance use.
  • Assist survivors in developing and identifying goals by providing assistance, referrals, and resources.
  • Offer accompaniment assistance to survivors navigating through the legal, medical, and social services systems. Facilitate contact with other agencies on behalf of survivors; accompany survivors to meetings and appointments as needed or as requested.
  • Provide community support groups and onsite counseling to survivors at set meeting locations throughout the community.
  • Facilitate the course for assisting survivors in dropping restraining orders and no contact orders of bond conditions as requested.
  • Compensate for transportation and geographic barriers by traveling to meet with survivors in a confidential and safe location as needed and schedule availability allows (community centers, libraries, schools, etc.).
  • Provide and/or arrange for emergency transportation to shelter and other services as needed and as safety allows.
  • Provide individual advocacy and support groups for people in the local jails and/or prison.
  • Provide comprehensive follow-up contact and services for a minimum of six months or as needed.
  • Collect, maintain, and record program statistics to support grant objectives by required deadlines.
  • Maintain regular communication with the Executive Director that includes reports on work activities and discussion of any emerging needs. Develop written reports as requested.

Education and Outreach

  • Provide information to community agencies addressing Embrace’s domestic and sexual violence services provided.
  • Network with community resources and agencies to identify unmet needs for survivors and develop and/or enhance services and resource options available for survivors.
  • Work closely with partner agencies to make certain that past or present survivors are receiving immediate and compassionate responses to their situation.
  • Provide information and community outreach about domestic and sexual violence awareness throughout the county using printed materials, media, and educational events.
  • Plan and promote awareness month activities and events.
  • Develop and facilitate prevention education presentations in local schools/daycares/etc.


  • Maintain harmonious working relationships with the community, staff, and volunteers. Communicate and interact in a professional, cooperative manner with other staff and volunteers at the level necessary to ensure quality work between day and night shelter shifts and between multi county locations.
  • Maintain a professional, confidential, non-judgmental relationship with all survivors.
    • Maintain documentation and files that ensure confidentiality.
  • Attend and participate at staff meetings, grant planning meetings, and assigned staff development sessions.
  • Contribute to and assist with the professional development of coworkers as requested by supervisor.
  • Complete tasks as assigned by the Executive Director within the time frame established.
  • Submit any proposed change in your work description to the Executive Director for prior approval.
  • Maintain awareness and adhere to organization operating policies and procedures.
  • When time and job responsibilities permit, lend the necessary support to other programs or staff within the organization when a request is made or when the need to do so is apparent.

Organization Details

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