Cheq Bay Renewables is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a volunteer board of directors. We are focused on making renewable energy more accessible to our community through education, resources, and initiatives. We are seeking a Northland College intern candidate to help support our organization while gaining professional experience in one or more of the following areas. This is a 1 credit (three-hours-per-week) unpaid position. Our key initiatives include solar energy tours, solar group buys, and solar installation projects. This internship offers an excellent foundation for anyone who wants to work in the growing field of renewable energy and community development.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

  1. Organizational
    1. Assist with developing and executing a communications plan to build awareness about our organization and active projects
  2. Industry exposure
    1. Review regional and national renewable energy news and feed relevant information back to team
    2. Research specific topics for projects
  3. Project support
    1. Help support project leaders with solar group buy, Washburn/Bayfield solar project, solar tour, and resource website
    2. Work will vary and may include research, data analysis, communication, and organization of information
  4. Community engagement and education
    1. Represent Cheq Bay Renewables at local events and give attendees information about organization and active projects
  5. Virtual work environment
    1. Must provide own work space and be self-directed
    2. Training will be provided via phone, email, and webinar as needed
    3. Meet in person once per month, at minimum

Organization Details

Cheq Bay Renewables Virtual Website

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and resume to Please address cover letter to “Cheq Bay Renewables Board of Directors”

To earn credit for this internship, application and registration deadlines are:
Fall Semester: apply by Aug. 30; registration materials due to the Registrar by Sept. 13
Winter Semester: apply by Jan. 3; registration materials due to the Registrar by Jan. 18
May Semester: apply by April. 10; registration materials due to the Registrar by April 29


Amber Vadnais