This internship will expose students to a variety of experiences related to management and administration of a financial firm. Students will assist with office and clerical work as well as have exposure to process efficiencies and role management. A process management handbook will be developed, maintained, and improved as part of this internship experience. This position will benefit students who are interested in going into business, communications, logistics, management, or marketing.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

This opportunity is best suited for a student with interest in business, communications, logistics, or management. A successful intern will have good writing and verbal communication skills, is flexible, and is self-directed. Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel are required, and familiarity with other software programs is a plus. Upon successful completion, intern may receive letter of recommendation based on work efficiencies.

All students are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to students with at least two years of college or work-related experience.

Organization Details

Superior Shores Team - Thrivent Financial 623 Main Street East Ashland, Wisconsin 54806 Website

Number of Position Openings: 2

How to Apply

Contact Superior Shores Team – Thrivent Financial directly at 715-685-0605 or
Send your a resume and letter of interest to Northland College’s Coordinator of Applied Learning Stacy Craig at She will forward it on to Thrivent Financial.

To earn credit for this internship, application and registration deadlines are:
Fall Semester: apply by Aug. 30; registration materials due to the Registrar by Sept. 13
Winter Semester: apply by Jan. 3; registration materials due to the Registrar by Jan. 18


Audrey Weaver - Office Manager