When: Memorial Day through Labor Day (3 months)
Hours: 2 – 5 hours per day starting at 8 – 9 am, as needed

We have thirteen cottages which occupy one to six guests each. The cottages are rented at irregular intervals, from one night to several nights. Upon check-out, we have a six-hour time frame for cottages to be cleaned and prepared for that day’s check-ins. Please note: This is a position to set up and restock in preparation for our cleaning which we handle personally.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Typical duties include:

  • Gather trash/recycle for disposal, restock liners
  • Make sure dishes were left clean or running in dishwasher
  • Restock all paper items and coffee supplies
  • Restock soaps and/or refill soap dispensers
  • Remove and gather of all used bedding and towels
  • Restock towel supply
  • Apply clean sheets to each bed
  • Dust
  • End of day involves disposal of trash/recycle to receptacles, unloading used bedding and towels to laundry room, restocking of supplies for next day.

We are looking to fill two positions, may work together or separately. These positions are extremely important and valuable to us as we take immense pride in the care and cleanliness of the lodging that we provide to our very important and valued guests.

Desired applicant’s qualities: dependable, reliable, respectable, thorough, punctual, conscientious

Organization Details

Woodside Cottages of Bayfield PO Box 494 - 84790 State Hwy 13 Bayfield, Wisconsin 54814 Website

How to Apply

If interested in this summer-season opportunity, please contact us by email.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2019

Download Application (PDF File)


Laura Frahm info@woodsidecottages.com