Julie Buckles, who works at Northland College, is offering this fun, focused, and intensive field experience, assisting and learning at Honest Dog Kennel, a small-scale recreational kennel of experienced sled dogs and those in the early stages of training. The experience will be from September through December for five hours/week for 1 Field Experience credit.

The intern will be working alongside experienced mushers and assisting with the daily care of sleddogs. This includes feeding, watering, scooping, running the dogs, and foot care and maintenance. Your first assignment will be to learn their names and breeds. The intern will the opportunity to focus the internship into areas of most interest. For example, we could be reading dog-related/Arctic exploration literature; vet care; kennel improvements based on best practice; training strategies.

This work includes the inherent risk of injury of working with animals and equipment. Risks include: dog bites, entanglement in lines, scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

Learning Outcomes

  • Skills, knowledge, and confidence to drive the dog sled team using various methods, including a sled (weather permitting)
  • Knowledge of nutrition and hydration of sleddogs
  • Knowledge of the different sleddog breeds — Alaskan, Siberian, and Malamute
  • Understanding of sleddog training and exercising
  • Familiarity with kennel maintenance such as repairing lines, harnesses, sleds, houses
  • Familiarity with snowmobiles and trail grooming
  • Exposure to literature of dogsledding

Responsibilities and Qualifications


  • Must have a love for dogs, for being outside, and for snow
  • Ability to listen and take direction
  • A can-do attitude
  • Desire to experience dogsledding & the work that goes into it
  • Joy in your heart
  • Ability to get to kennel via car or BART Bus

Organization Details

Honest Dog Kennels 32020 Friendly Valley Road Washburn, Wisconsin United States Website

Number of Position Openings: 2

How to Apply

Please send email stating your interest and winter/outdoor experience along with two references to Julie Buckles.

Application Deadline: March 29, 2019


Julie Buckles jbuckles@northland.edu