In a developmental capacity, learn to conduct resource conservation work such as:

  • trail maintenance
  • exotic/invasive plant management
  • light construction of bat condo
  • historic masonry repair
  • wildlife acoustic monitoring
  • forest pruning
  • tree planting
  • basic wildland firefighting
  • other duties/special projects

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Pay commensurate with academic achievement, knowledge, skill and experience.

Must be 18-30 years of age. Must be willing to work outside on a diversity of projects in all kinds of weather while maintaining a positive attitude. Must be able to communicate well with various project mentors, community members and fellow crew members. Must be fit enough for arduous duty and be able to pass a fitness test that entails carrying a forty-five pound pack for three miles within forty-five minutes. Basic first aid and CPR preferred.

Organization Details

Grand Portage Conservation Crew PO Box 426 Grand Portage, Minnesota 55605 Website

How to Apply

Apply online.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

Apply Online


Sadie Libal