Lily Springs Farm is a 100-acre regenerative farm and event space. Permaculture principles drive the design of our food forest plots, our forest management, and our event hosting. Through regenerative farming and holistic land management practices, we provide experiences and training for people interested in building a resilient future.

Permaculture and whole systems design are being applied to restore our habitats to health and to build a sustainable perennial-based farm system that integrates land, people and the built environment. Programming flows naturally from that work and from our intention to foster health in ourselves and the land.

Participants in this May term can expect a close look at five different farms and holistic land management projects. The lakeside tiny house at Lily Springs Farm will serve as home base, and throughout the month you’ll work with innovative operations including poly-culture food forests, regenerative forest management projects, rotational-grazing of goats, sheep and cattle, silvopasturing, beekeeping, dairy goats, and diversified veggie farmers.

Interns (and employees) receive full orientations on the projects happening here. Preceding any serious labor, we provide additional training on proper ergonomic movement to avoid injury from improper repetitive actions. Throughout the experience we share videos and presentations to make sure our interns are connecting day to day work to the larger conceptual and philosophical underpinnings of the project. Interns work mostly with myself or trained employees and rarely tackle unsupervised tasks.

Compensation and Duration
The internship will run Monday, April 30 – Thursday, May 24

Be at Lily Springs Farm by 1:00 PM on Monday, April 30
Wrap-up: Thursday, May 24th at 11 AM

Work Schedule
5 days on, 2 days off (depending on weather and farm work, of course)
20 hours/week paid labor at $9.75
20 hours/week unpaid internship project work

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Our interns help with management of agricultural fields and orchards, as well as working in our forest to guide the rotational grazing of our dedicated goat team. They work first hand to gently influence the balance of our perennial systems. So, experience with hand tools or farm work is a benefit, but not required. A successful farm intern will be punctual, and take good care to be ready for a day of hard, creative work.

There are many potential dangers in farm work, far more than any office environment. As such, on the farm poor self-care can be dangerous to everyone you work around. So part of showing up for work is making sure you had enough rest and food beforehand. This may seem obvious, but it is very important.

Additionally, an interest in science, art, history, math, philosophy, etc will help reveal many lessons through working with nature at Lily Springs Farm, and off site with our community partners. On the whole, curiosity and patience are the most important the qualities in pursuit of a successful internship experience.


  • Must be a Northland College student
  • Must enroll for at least a 1-credit internship or field experience for May term
  • Interns will have access to a lake side tiny house and camp areas on the premise. If camping, interns will need to provide their own camping gear and shelter.

Lilly Springs Farm is three hours from Northland College. Interns will need to arrange their own transportation to the farm, but once there, the camp area and farm are within easy walking distance of each other. While a daily commute will not be needed, the farm is about nine miles from Osceola. Interns should have a plan for how they will manage their transportation needs to the farm and once they are there for things like obtaining groceries or personal supplies in town.

Organization Details

Lily Springs Farm 1930 60th Ave Osceola, Wisconsin 54020 Website

Number of Position Openings: 2

How to Apply

Send a resume with 3 references (at least one a professor from Northland College) and a short cover letter addressing the following questions:

  • What is your major and involvement in clubs or organizations at Northland College?
  • What are you most interested in learning or experiencing through this internship?
  • What characteristics that you possess or experiences that you’ve had would help you be successful at this position?

Email materials no later than Feb. 28, 2020  to: Farm Manager Drew Slevin.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received an an offer may be made to a qualified candidate before the application deadline.


Drew Slevin