Mentor and help facilitate the growth of a cabin of ten same-aged campers in collaboration with a co-counselor for a two or four week overnight session. Co-lead or possibly solo lead 3-9 day wilderness trips and mentor half of your cabin in small cabin groups in conjunction with a tripping co-leader.

While not on “trail,” counselors will oversee their campers during most of the daily activities such as meals, cabin activities and times at the cabin. Counselors are expected to sleep in their cabins at night and be at all meals unless they are on time off, in which they will have one twelve and one twenty-four hour period off during at two week timeframe spanning from dinner to breakfast or dinner to dinner.

Counselors are also expected to write two hand-written letters to the parent(s) or guardian(s), called “Greens,” for each camper: one before the start and one at the end of the session. During staff training, counselors will learn about many ways to be a successful, safe, and positive leader/mentor at Manito-wish as well as learn about how to lead a Manito-wish Trail trip, where things are on property, and how to have fun while at work! Other responsibilities and tasks may be asked of our counselors during their employment which can be found in more detail here.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

  1. Minimum 19 years old OR entering sophomore year of college or equivalent.
  2. Previous leadership experience
  3. Certified in Lifeguard Training (LGT)/Wilderness Water Safely (WWS), Standard First Aid/Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR (Certifications may be obtained through Camp Manito-wish prior to first day of work)
  4. Comfortable and interested in outdoor living and willing to develop expertise in canoe, backpacking or sea kayaking leadership.
  5. Desire and proven ability to work with children outdoors
  6. Strong and good character: Optimism, resilience, humility, empathy, awareness of self and others, resourcefulness, responsibility and adaptability

Organization Details

Camp Manito-wish YMCA 5650 Camp Manitowish Lane Boulder Junction, Wisconsin 54512 Website

How to Apply

If interested, fill out an application on our website or contact our staff recruiter, Iris Buchanan for more information.

You can also look into some of our other job opportunities such as working as a tripping co-leader, leadership facilitator, program staff member (i.e. archery instructor, horse instructor, tennis instructor, bikes instructor, etc.), and working with our kitchen staff by checking out

Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

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Iris Buchanan