The BRICK is a faith-based nonprofit organization based in Ashland, Wisconsin, that offers a Food Shelf Program which distributes food and personal care items. The BRICK also has a Benevolence Program that assists with emergency financial resources, provides referrals, and assists with goal setting. These programs focus on providing resources to achieve the vision of building relationships to change people’s circumstances.

We are interested in welcoming a student intern, passionate about community-based work, to join our crew for the 2019-2020 school year! Opportunities are available each semester. The chosen intern will receive comprehensive training within our organization, but will ultimately have their role tailored to best utilize their unique skill-set in promoting our organization’s mission.

All internships are paid based on credit hours at a stipend rate of $125 per credit hour. ($125 for 1 credit. $250 for 2 credits, etc.) The first half of the total stipend is paid mid-semester. The second half of the total stipend is paid upon completion of the semester.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Responsibilities and tasks will be specific to individual student strengths, goals, and agency needs. Interns will be expected to develop and adhere to a schedule for the semester. This role is best suited for students interested in: community assistance and resources, nonprofit management, addressing food insecurity, intersections of religion and community work. It is important to note that each intern’s experience is unique and will extend beyond the expectations of volunteer duties.

Organization Details

The BRICK Ministries 420 Ellis Ave Ashland, Wisconsin 54806 Website

How to Apply

A completed application and cover letter should be returned to the executive director or office manager via mail, email, or dropped off in person by the following application deadlines. If you miss these deadlines, and are interested in gaining experience, we always accept volunteers:

To earn credit for this internship, application and registration deadlines are:
Fall Semester: position is FILLED!
Winter Semester: apply by Jan. 3; registration materials due to the Registrar by Jan. 18
May Semester: apply by April. 10; registration materials due to the Registrar by April 29

A criminal background search is completed for all staff and volunteer members within our organization. Criminal convictions will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from serving; information gathered with background investigations is completely confidential, and is used to guarantee the safety of staff, volunteers, and program participants.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the agency prior to submitting an application. Qualified applicants will be interviewed for available internship positions.

Download Application (PDF File)


Cheyanne Reeves