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Northland College Athletics and Games Management Director David Pomeroy wish to employ work-study students who show a passion for athletics and are willing to make every home contest memorable for our student body, fans, and opposing teams.

Work-study students will be paid by experience, per hour: (not by class)
1st Year: $7.50
2nd Year: $8.00
3rd Year: $8.50
4th< Year: $9.00

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Responsibilities/varies by sport:
1. Entry tickets
2. Concessions
3. Ball Running
4. Scoreboard
5. Music Control
6. PA Announcing
7. Video Taping
8. Penalty Box (hockey)
9. Line Judge (volleyball)
10. Libero Tracker (volleyball)

1. Full time student
2. Work study student
3. You DO NOT have to be a student athlete to work with Games Management

Organization Details

Athletics Department

Number of Position Openings: 25