If you want to work in the office of the future, learn real life accounting basics, truly make a difference and love animals, this may be the internship for you.

At Bedtime4Dogs, we love animals (you may have guessed), believe in holistic nutrition and sustainable living. In 2009, we adopted a rescue dog. She was mostly calm until bedtime when she became, well, all puppy. Thinking our household may never sleep again, we needed to find a way to get her to sleep (without chemicals) and our first product was born. Bedtime Bones is an organic, chamomile bedtime treat for dogs.

Since then we have grown to an entire product line and a bigger business with all of the things that go with that including receipts and spread sheets and a lovely relationship with quickbooks that you can be a part of.

In your position you would demonstrate your organizational abilities, trust-worthiness, and a penchant for business through book keeping organization and learning the basics of quickbooks. (Yes, this is the virtual office of the future.) For nine to twelve hours a week or the equivalent over a semester (i.e. the time committed for a 3 credit course) you are committed to organizing bookkeeping basics.

Candidates ideally are self-motivated, hyper-organized types with great attitudes who thrive in grass roots environments.

Students will be appreciated for the impact they make (get used to hearing “thank you”) Successful candidates can expect a LinkedIn endorsement, reference, and networking introductions.

You will learn directly from the owner, who has more years of experience in marketing and new product development than she will admit. She is happy to teach the real world practices of forecasting and managing books.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

  • Organization of receipts
  • Categorization
  • ROI in marketing and product
  • Learn the basics of quickbooks

Organization Details

Bedtime4Dogs Virtual Website

Number of Position Openings: 2

How to Apply

Contact karlene@bedtime4dogs.com with your resume and statement of interest (no boring cover letter, just three sentences on why you would rock this internship!). Applications will be reviewed as they are received so please apply as soon as possible. To earn credit for this internship, application and registration deadlines are:
Winter Semester: apply no later than Jan. 3; registration materials due to the Registrar by Jan. 18


Karlene karlene@bedtime4dogs.com