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For the eighth annual WritersRead regional writers were challenged on the theme of “gut instinct” —when had it steered them right, when had it steered them wrong, and when had they completely ignored it?

Four stations in Wisconsin: 88.5 WSSU, 104.7 WHWA, 91.3 KUWS and 90.9 WUWS will air WritersRead.

The first half will include:

  • Harry and the Baby Blanket, Janette Christie
  • Late Arrival, Molly Hoeg
  • Requiem at Midnight, Rob Ganson
  • White Night in Julian Bay, Beth Palma
  • Lake Superior July, Nancy Larson
  • A Treat for All Hallows Eve, Kyle Anholt
  • In the Middle of January, Carol Dunbar
  • Children of the Earth, Avesa Rockwell
  • Tinder, Ella Shively
  • Packed, Lucie Amundsen

The first half will air 2/16 at 10 am and 7 pm, and the second half on 2/23 at 10 am and 7 pm. These programs will be posted online.

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