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Since the end of the most recent glaciation, there has been a period of dramatic change of the upper Midwest. What are now the rolling hills and scattered lakes of a gentle Midwestern landscape were once covered in a blanket of flowing and grinding ice, sculpting the underlying terrain and leaving behind many telltale markers of a changing climate. Dr. Dave Ullman, assistant professor of geoscience, will review the recent data explaining the timing of glacial ice surrounding Lake Superior and the implications for past shorelines.

Dr. Ullman‘s research interests fall along the intersection between climate and landscape. Variations in the Earth’s orbit and resulting fluctuations in greenhouse gases have led to profound changes in temperature and precipitation that have had large impacts on the earth’s surface. Specifically, his research is focused on refining the chronology of Laurentide Ice Sheet retreat from the Last Glacial Maximum until present and the mechanisms that led to such ice decline.

Part of the Madeline Island Museum Summer Series and sponsored by the Madeline Island Wilderness Preserve


Madeline Island Museum
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