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This week’s Chequamegon Unitarian Universalist Fellowship service will feature speaker David Saetre.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously wrote that, “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him,” in his 1882 work, The Gay Science.  Almost eighty years later Time magazine ran a front page with the question, “Is God Dead?”  The question posed by the popular magazine still perplexes religious thought today:  how can a thoughtful, modern person believe in an omniscient Deity; and a corollary, what do we mean by the word and idea, “God?”  Although most of us don’t sit around pondering such lofty questions, the question of God lurks around in the shadows, like an unacknowledged ghost, behind all spiritual and religious belief.  David plans to tackle the question of God as the second in his series on “Reconsidering Faith.”  Beginning with an autobiographical sketch, “The Accidental Unitarian,” the series will feature the core inklings from a career of religious thought and ministry.


2nd floor Ponzio commons


Chequamegon Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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