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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sense of Belonging Initiative

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Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence Barb Lundberg
Phone: 715-682-1344

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not a final destination; they are essential elements in a continuing journey. They must be woven into the fabric of Northland, with the goal of achieving a true sense of belonging among all members of the Northland College community.—Northland College Board of Trustees’ Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sense of Belonging Charge

In February 2022, Northland College’s Board of Trustees issued a charge to College administration and the campus community at-large to conduct a study of the current campus climate and use those findings to inform a strategic plan around diversity, equity, inclusion, and sense of belonging (DEIS). This plan and process are different from the institutional Northland College Strategic Plan that was presented to the Board of Trustees in February 2023. However, the two will complement each other, and both will serve as guides for everything the College does.

This is a multi-faceted process. A DEIS Task Force is guiding the overall work, which includes a qualitative campus climate study with focus groups conducted on March 20, 2023, and whose findings were shared toward the beginning of the 2023–24 academic year; collaboratively drafting definitions relevant to this work; synthesizing the study’s findings, definitions, and goals the College develops into the DEIS strategic plan; and activating that plan. It’s a broad scope of work, and as such, it can’t be completed swiftly. It requires sustained work over time to achieve and maintain meaningful change.

There are so many positive things already happening in the College community. We’re excited to build on them and see where we can go from here—and we hope you’ll join us in this journey.

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