• Move in day at Northland College

Arrival Day

Today’s the day!

Congratulations and welcome to Northland College!

We are excited for you to join our community on campus. When you arrive at Northland, you’ll be directed to the Craig A. Ponzio Campus Center to check in. Residential Life staff will greet you, provide you with your key and ID card, and show you how to get to your residence hall room. Additional faculty, staff, and students will be on campus during move-in day to assist you. The dining hall in the Ponzio Campus Center will be open, and so will the Campus Store so you can stock up on Northland swag. Downtown Ashland and the surrounding area have plenty of stores, restaurants, and attractions for you and your guests to explore as well.

You’ve been waiting a long time for today so let’s make the most of it! Here’s what you need to know.

Fall Arrival Day Schedule

Saturday, Aug. 26–Sunday, Aug. 27

Your journey at Northland College begins when you arrive to campus on Saturday or Sunday, August 26–27. (Student Affairs staff will contact you in advance via email with your assigned move-in day and time.) After checking in at the Ponzio Campus Center, you’ll move in and get settled in your residence hall. Students participating in an optional Outdoor Orientation trip and/or students required to move in earlier for Athletics will receive information separately. (Commuter students will also be assigned a check-in time this weekend to obtain their ID card, orientation materials, and other important information.)

For the remainder of the weekend, you’ll meet other students on your floor and learn more about your new community with the help of your resident assistant (RA). Don’t worry—the dining hall will be open for meals, and your RA will make sure you know where to go and how everything works!

Northland College continues to monitor data and consult with our medical experts regarding the impacts of COVID-19. Northland College does not require students to be vaccinated; however, we do encourage all members within our community to receive the vaccine and booster if eligible. 

August Welcome Experience—Your Introduction to Northland

Monday, Aug. 28 – Friday, Sep. 1

The August Welcome Experience (AWE) is your introduction to life at Northland College. It happens after the optional Outdoor Orientation and is required of all first-time students (and transfer students with less than 24 credits) coming to Northland College, whether you live on-campus or are a local student commuting. (Transfer students with 24 or more credits will receive information separately about their orientation schedule.)

Your AWE week begins Monday morning at 9 a.m. when you’ll meet your assigned group and AWE leader outside the Ponzio Campus Center on the Campus Mall. Your AWE leader will go through the schedule with you, and from there, your week begins!

During this week, you’ll be introduced to Northland’s many student resources and staff who are here to help you be successful—both inside and outside the classroom. You’ll also get to experience adventures with student leaders from Outdoor Pursuits, a part of the Northland’s Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Don’t worry—these outings are meant for everyone and are designed to introduce you to our outdoors while making sure you’re able to build a strong foundation for your sense of belonging here.

Before you know it, AWE will conclude and you’ll have the weekend to recharge and get ready for classes the following week. Your RA will let you know what else they have planned, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to continue to get to know others and explore the area.

Wednesday, Sep. 6

It’s that time—classes start today! Remember, your entire time at Northland is an adventure, and the experiences you have in classrooms, the outdoors, in student organizations, and elsewhere are all part of your journey here and contribute to your learning. Make the most of it, and remember, Northland staff and faculty are here to help. We want you to be successful, so let us know if you need anything!

What To Pack

As you are packing to head to campus, please review this list for items you are allowed to bring and items that need to be left behind. Check out the residential living policies for additional information. If you forget something – don’t worry! There are plenty of local shops and thrift stores in town. You can also visit our ReUse Room to look for household items, clothes, books, etc., all at no cost.

These are items we suggest for each resident.

  • Bed linens: twin extra long (36 x 80) mattress pad/cover, sheets, blankets, comforter, pillows, etc.
  • Bath linens: towels, hand towels, washcloths
  • Shower supplies: bathrobe, shower caddy, shower shoes, etc.
  • Health and hygiene items: deodorant, soap, shampoo, Kleenex, hair products, toiletries, Band-Aids and minor first aid supplies
  • Medications: prescription and over-the-counter
  • Laundry supplies: detergent, laundry basket/bag, iron, ironing board, and sewing kit
  • Hangers for clothes
  • Personal computer or laptop (PC with Windows 7 or higher or Mac with OS X 10.7 or higher)
  • Class supplies: paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, flash drive, scissors, 3-ring binders, notebooks, stapler, backpack
  • Decorative items: plants, rugs, posters, pictures, string lights, memo board for room door etc.
  • Painters tape for hanging decorations
  • Fan (window or standing)
  • Floor lamp
  • Inclement weather gear: raincoat/umbrella, snow boots, parka, hat, gloves, etc.
  • Headphones/earbuds
  • Alarm clock
  • Recreational equipment and games: frisbee, bike, playing cards, hammock, etc.
  • Surge protector/power strip (should be UL rated and grounded)

A Message from Your Student Eco-Reps*

The first step to a more sustainable campus life (and to helping the planet) starts with deciding what to buy and pack for college. Campus living does not need to be expensive or wasteful. Pack lightly and consider buying used. We have a secondhand store on campus where everything is FREE.

Things we recommend:
• Clothespins (we supply the clothesline)
• Sweater (for wearing indoors instead of turning up the heat)
• Favorite travel coffee mug (will also get you discounts on coffee around town)
• Water bottle (some students prefer quart-sized wide-mouth Mason jar)
• Wheels for transportation: (Bike, Long board-a commencement favorite, Scooter, Roller blades)

Things to avoid:
• Plastic (every piece of plastic ever created is still here)
• Appliances (we supply them)
• Bottled water & other one-time-use items (creates excessive waste and see above about plastic)

*Four students serve as Eco-Reps, positions created to motivate the campus community to engage in positive behavior, as the vehicle for change regarding all tiers of sustainability. Learn more.

Optional Items

These are items you may want to bring for your room. Talk to your roommate to determine who will bring some items to maximize living space in your room.

  • Television
  • Blu-Ray/DVD player
  • Radio/speakers
  • Microwave (one per room, 800 watt or smaller)
  • Refrigerator (one per room, 4.3 cubic feet in size or smaller)
  • Coffee pot (with automatic shut off)
  • Basic cleaning supplies (broom, disinfectant wipes, etc.)
  • Cooking supplies: silverware, can opener, microwave-safe dishes, cups, dish towel, dish soap, etc.
  • If you plan on cooking, you can bring some small pots, pans, and cooking utensils to use in the community kitchens.

Prohibited Items

The following items violate Northland College policy and are not allowed in your room.

  • Candles and incense
  • Full size refrigerators
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • Extension cords or multiple receptacle plugs
  • Halogen and heat lamps
  • Open-coil cooking devices (hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, popcorn poppers)
  • Appliances that require grease and/or an open flame for cooking
  • Pets (other than fish in aquariums of 10 gallons or less)
  • Space heaters
  • Window air conditioners
  • Hover boards

Special Items

These items depend on your preferences and needs. Look for more detailed information on our Safety, Emergency, & Parking page.

  • Bike, registration will occur on the day you arrive
  • Camp fuel, flammable liquids, explosive, etc. are not allowed in your living environment
  • Hunting equipment, needs to be checked in with Campus Safety

Beds and Lofts Information

  • All beds can be bunked (Fenenga, McMillan, Mead, Memorial, Townhouses), but only MELLC beds can be lofted
  • Homemade or purchased lofts are not allowed
  • Students can bring bed risers to raise their beds if desired


Residential Life is located in 227 Ponzio Campus Center
We’re available: 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. central time
Phone: 715-682-1272
Email: res-life@northland.edu