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All students are required to read the student employment manual as part of signing the work-study contract. This is also a useful tool in answering some common questions or concerns. As always, you can contact the Financial Aid Office as well for any other questions you may have.

How do I know if I’m eligible for work study?

On your financial aid award letter, you will have listed either Federal Work Study or Northland Work Award and the amount. This is your eligibility. If you never received an award letter or have no work study, please contact the Financial Aid Office for steps to complete that.

Can I have more than one work-study job?

No, students are only allowed one work-study position at a time. You can however leave your job and search for another at any time.

Do I have to use my work-study earnings for tuition?

No, your earnings will be paid in your name and can be used for any necessary school expenses. You can use the campus earnings form to indicate your preference. You can choose to have your work-study earnings applied directly to your tuition bill.

How do I stop having my work-study earnings applied to my tuition bill?

You can use the cancel campus earnings form to stop applying your wages.

How do I find a work-study job?

Open positions will be updated regularly here.

What if I don’t like my job?

If you find your job isn’t the right fit, you are able to search for another position on campus. We encourage you to inform your supervisor with a two-week notice. You must submit a Job Termination form, and a new work-study contract will need to be completed for any job change.

What is the difference between FWS and NWA?

FWS refers to Federal Work Study and NWA refers to Northland Work Award. Students who are federally eligible are awarded FWS, but having NWA doesn’t restrict you to any specific job position or type.

How do I get paid?

Students record and submit their time electronically. Consult this guide for information about using the online timecard. Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring you get your hours in on time. Students are paid the 15th and last day of the month.

Can I exceed the amount awarded to me?

No, students are not allowed to work more than they are awarded. You can use the work-study earnings worksheet to see if you’re on track to earning all of your hours and ensure you don’t work too many.

Do you have any tips on finding a work-study position?

Be aware that some work-study jobs can be competitive. Teaching assistant and research positions are often times secured by upper classmen. Talking with a professor you are interested in working with may open up a job opportunity. Take advantage of any resume and interview skills workshops available.

What happens if I don’t use all of my work-study award?

Since work study is an earned award, if you don’t use it, you lose it.