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The cost of attendance is made up of both direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs are those that will appear on your bill and are required to be paid by you to the college. These costs include tuition, fees, Northland housing, and Northland meal plans.

Indirect costs are made up of expenses that the college does not bill you. These include off-campus room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and personal costs.

The cost of attendance is based upon your program and major, number of terms you will be enrolled, and your student status—full time or part time.

Understanding Your Costs

Below is the composition of each category of your cost of attendance:

Tuition and Fees
Based upon Board of Trustee approved rates. These rates are re-evaluated each year.

Books and Supplies
This is an estimated amount based on the average cost of books for Northland students. Actual book costs may vary by program, major, and class year.

This is an estimated amount based on recommendation by the Department of Education.

Room and Board
Northland assesses three variations of room and board:

  • On-campus – Applies to students who are living in on-campus housing. As a direct cost this is assessed based on the cost per housing unit and the student selected meal plan. These charges will be included on the student’s bill.
  • Off-campus – Applies to students who are living off-campus in dwellings that are not official Northland housing. An analysis has been done to assess an average for rentals, utilities and food expenses in the Ashland area.
  • Commuting – Applies to students who are living with family while commuting to and from school. There are no room costs assessed for these students based on the federal requirements regarding living with family.

Based upon the following possible expenses: gas, tolls, mileage; public transportation; and a limited number of trips home during the academic year.

Direct Loan Fees
Your cost of attendance may be updated to include required federal loan fees should you choose to borrow through any of the Direct Loan Programs.

The federal government requires educational institutions to reflect the cost of average loan fees for those students who have been awarded federal loans. This does not increase your out of pocket expense.

2019-20 Cost of Attendance

Direct Costs

  • Tuition $35,998
  • Room $4,340
  • Board $5,066
  • Fees $1,518
  • Total Direct Cost $46,922

Indirect Costs

  • Books and Supplies $800
  • Miscellaneous $1,650
  • Transportation $1,000
  • Total Direct & Indirect Cost $48,811

Tuition Detail Per Credit

  • 1 credit $700
  • 2 credits $1,380
  • 3 credits $2,190
  • 4 credits $2,880
  • 5 credits $6,460
  • 6 credits $8,080
  • 7 credits $10,040
  • 8 credits $11,780
  • 9 credits $13,620
  • 10 credits $15,350
  • 11 credits $17,310
  • 12-17 credits $17,999
  • 18+ credits $700

Room Detail

  • Traditional Double: $4,340
  • Group Living Double Room: $5,475
  • SingleRoom: $5,617
  • Group Living Single Room: $5,766

Board Detail

  • Meal #1 – 240/300 block $5,926
  • Meal #2 – 175/225 block $5,363
  • Meal #3 – 160/180 block $100 flex $5,066
  • Meal #4 – 6/1 block $150 flex $2,859

Fees Detail

  • NCSA $180
  • REF $80
  • Comprehensive fee $1,258
  • Total $1,518

May Term Enrollment Fee Per Credit*

  • 1-2 credits $300
  • 3-5 credits $600
  • 5+$300 per credit

*Exemptions to the May term enrollment fee include enrollment in teaching and research assistantships, student teaching continuation, and any course with a course fee of $750 or greater.

Other Rates Per Credit

  • Early College Credit Program: Set by WI DPI
  • Graduate tuition $320
  • Summer academic tuition $275
  • Summer internship & field experience $150
  • Special registration & Outward Bound $70
  • Summer Programs $275

Other Fees

  • Summer registration fee $25
  • Audit $150
  • Late add/drop/withdrawal $110
  • Transcripts $7.25-47.25

Travel course fees require at least 50 percent to register (with instructor approval) and final payment is due February 17 (remaining balance).