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View the Billing Packet

This billing packet explains the procedures and materials that you will need to complete to be a validated student for the semester. A validated student is one who is officially registered and has made payment arrangements with Student Accounts in the Student Financial Services Office.

Download the 2017-18 Billing Packet

Remove a Student Accounts Hold

  1. Pay Your Bill
    If you have a balance at the end of add/drop and are not already using the TMS payment plan company, applying your work study, or awaiting a third-party payment (ie. VA, educational plan, outside scholarship) you are placed on HOLD.
  2. Read Your Mail
    Is Financial Aid telling you to finalize documentation? Do you need to update your home address with the Registrar? Are you going on a May term trip that you have not paid off? You may be on HOLD because of these issues. Check your email and follow the directions given to you to resolve the issue.

Billing & Payment FAQs

I’m a parent, why can’t you talk to me about my student’s bill?
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment, is designed to protect the privacy of student records. This also applies to financial records. Your student needs to sign a FERPA form (managed by the Registrar’s Office) and name you as representative of their account if they wish to allow the Student Financial Services staff to discuss their bill with you.

How do I view and pay the bill?
View or pay your bill online. The “Authorized User” section is on the lower left-hand side called “Parent Pins”. This action will provide authorized users with secure log-in information.

When is tuition due?
Estimated fall term charges are due by July 15, winter term by December 15. Additional charges such as course fees, changes in meal plans, etc. are due by the last day of the add/drop periods in September and January.

What if I use Tuition Management (TMS) or have third-party paying my bill?
If you use our payment plan company (TMS) or have payments coming from a tribe or federal or state government, you will not be assessed a late fee.

Why do I have a late fee?
A $200 late fee is assessed for unpaid balances after each add/drop period.

What is the credit agreement?
The Student Educational Credit Agreement must be signed by every student. It states that the student and a designated responsible party agree to pay for the services that Northland offers.

Why doesn’t my student’s work study appear on the bill?
While the work-study award is considered a financial aid award, it is not applied directly to the bill because the money must be earned by working. Money from work-study positions can be applied directly by filling out a Northland College earnings from the Payroll Office.